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The Beginning

            I started to watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit during the summer of 2004 between seasons 5 and 6. I have seen articles about Mariska Hargitay floating around and have read them in interest as I knew she was the daughter of Jayne Mansfield who I knew about, especially from The Beatles’ Anthology where a clip of “The Girl Can’t Help It” played as it was mentioned to be a film that the Beatles loved, they also met Jayne in 1964 while on tour in California so she was no stranger to me. I tuned in SVU and the next thing I know I’m a devoted viewer; I caught up the previous seasons quite easily thanks to the reruns on USA network and started off on season 6. I saw time to time Kathy Stabler who was a recurring character who would appear in and out, briefly. She did catch my attention and I did a search on the actress on the handy Internet and didn’t find much except her film credits. I wanted to know more about Isabel and watch her other roles, I caught both Metropolitan and On_Line on TV and watched them (mostly zooming through just for her scenes), and then buying her films on eBay and Amazon. It wasn’t long until I decided to do a website dedicated to her; I thought she would be pretty easy compared to my other three sites, (late) Beatles’ Kids, Mexican Beauty: Olivia Harrison, and Cyn & Mo.

The Site is Born

            I was debating about creating another site, and when I heard that Isabel will be releasing her book within a few short months, I decided it was now or never. Enchanting Isabel Gillies fan site was launched in December 2008. The site features a little bit about Isabel, as well as her roles in films, television, articles, interviews all in one place so it’ll be easier to find rather then scattered across the internet for a limited time while on the site it’s safe and can be viewed at anytime. Donations are very much accepted (and appreciated) and will be given credit.


Thank You

            I would like to extend my Thank Yous to my (Beatles) friends, Heloisa and Cindy, who have helped me retrieve any articles available and passing them to me. Thank you to Dianne for her support and donations. Last but not least, thank you to Isabel for supporting the site! It’s an honor.


About Jeannette
            I don’t want to disclose too much information about myself but will share some basic things. I am a Beatles’ fan practically since birth despite being born after John Lennon died. Besides running Mexican Beauty: Olivia Harrison (George’s widow), Enchanting Isabel Gillies, and Cyn & Mo, I also have my own blog that I post about my favorites in the Entertainment industry called Jeannette’s This and That, my culinary blog, In My Tastebuds, my writing blog In My Write Mind, and my The Stablers' blog. I am also a fan of Jayne Mansfield who led me to the SVU world where I discovered the talents of the cast, becoming a fan of each of them as well, enjoying some of their work that’s available. Like Isabel, who has been very open about her love of food, I too have that in common with her, probably helps having some Italian blood in me to be in the kitchen a good amount of time (it’s not my profession though). Besides SVU, I like to watch Cold Case, Men of a Certain Age, Rescue Me, The Middle, as well as countless reruns of classic TV shows (I Love Lucy, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, the Dick Van Dyke Show, Golden Girls, etc.) and there’s also soap operas, General Hospital, The Bold & The Beautiful, and the late One Life to Live. Besides the Beatles, I love many other acts, mostly in the rock genre from the 1950s (Elvis) to present (Goo Goo Dolls) and everything in between.

Both Mexican Beauty: Olivia Harrison and Cyn & Mo sites' links are in the Links section of the site. The Beatles' Kids Site is no longer online.