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Inspiring Women: Seven Questions with Author/Actress Isabel Gillies

November 23rd, 2009

Give us your “Elevator” Speech as to WHO you are and WHAT it is that you do for a “living”. And how should we “know” you?
My name is Isabel Gillies. I am an actress, writer, mother and wife living in
New York City. I have played Kathy Stabler on Law and Order SVU for the last ten years and this year also published a book called Happens Every Day.

Tells about your path to getting to where you are with your business today.
It was a VERY long and winding road that got me to where I am now. I never thought I would become a writer. I am very dyslexic and always assumed that although I loved writing letters and reading (took years to, but I do), writing was for other people to do not me. I have been acting for twenty years. My first job was in a movie called Metropolitan. Then I had little gigs here and there mostly on TV. I got the part on SVU ten years ago, but in the middle of that left
New York to be with my husband at the time who is a professor. We moved all over the place, had babies, I taught an acting class at the college (which I adored), went back to NYC every so often to be on the show, took care of our two kids, but then very suddenly he left me. I moved back to NYC from Ohio with my two children to live with my parents. Eventually I got my life together and wrote a memoir about it all and that is Happens Every Day. I am currently working on my second book and writing for magazines. I love it that in this day and age people can have a few different careers. I am over the moon that I have found writing and want to do it all the time. But nobody is more surprised about it than me.

What is your personal “motto” or “mission statement”?
I’d rather light a candle than curse the darkness.

Besides your business, what are you passionate about?
My kids, my marriage, my friends and family, cooking and all food related things, music, acting,
New York, Maine, politics, humans… the movies….

What advice would you give to other women wanting to follow your career path?
Write everyday from your heart. Really just do anything from your heart. And stay positive.

Pimp yourself! Where can we find you on the web, in bookstores, at the movies, on TV, etc?
You can find me at isabelgillies.com. My book is being sold at Starbucks at the moment and pretty much any book store. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, your local independent bookstore. I am on Law and Order SVU every once in a while….

What question should we have asked, that we didn’t? Now is YOUR opportunity to tell us what we missed!
I guess I would like to add that my book is a positive one. It’s about navigating difficult times and coming out the other end. It’s about divorce, but I hope that one could apply the principles to any misfortune that may come across your path. As we all know, nobody escapes the poo poo hitting your fan. I hope that what my book talks about is what to do when it does and how to survive it.

(Isabel’s book Happens Every Day makes a great gift for any woman in your life that is navigating through life changing times, like a divorce, job loss, and more!)