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Isabel Gillies was a guest on June 30, 2010 with Mark Vincent Caplan and Marla Maples about the topic of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ sharing custody of children after a divorce.
*Edit for Isabel Gillies only

Joy Behar: Tonight, the marriage may be over but Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have agreed to co-parent. I’m happy. Every child should have two parents to complain about when they finally get into therapy.
Then there are the details of Sandra Bullock’s divorce. Sandra has reportedly decided to co-parent all the children with Jesse James and not just the son they adopted together.
So Sandra and Jesse aren’t the only former couple co-parenting their kids. In fact, it looks like celebrity co-parenting might just be the newest trend in Hollywood.
Here with me to talk about that are Mark Vincent Caplan, celebrity family law expert who handled divorces for both Kevin Federline and Bob Dylan; Marla Maples -- hi Marla -- actress, radio host of "Awakening with Marla" and a former Mrs. Donald trump; and actress and author of "Happens Every Day: An all too true story", Isabel Gillies.
All right, you guys.

Joy: Isabel, you’ve been co-parenting with your ex-husband. How has that been working?
Isabel Gillies, Actress: Well, it’s good. Right away we decided that we had -- both of us had -- the children’s best interests as our top priority. The interesting thing is that when you co-parent, it’s true you have the same goals but how you reach them sometimes can be different.
Joy: He’s in Ohio and you’re in New York. You have a similar thing to Marla in that there’s geographical problems.
Isabel: Yes. Because he -- I came back home and he teaches at a college there. But he comes every month. And my current husband and I leave our apartment and he comes and stays there with the boys so that they don’t have to go and be jostled and leave their home. But I think what’s important is that even though you’re everything’s -- you’re trying to do the same things, people are different and people put on a sweater differently and the sun screen differently. It’s really important to have good faith and that the other person’s trying their best. You think sometimes as a mother like, I’m the only one that can do it that way. Really, you know, it’s good for kids to have two different ways --
Joy: I think so too

Joy: Ok, just to recap, if you’re just tuning in. Tiger and Elin Woods have reported -- I can’t get over this -- have reportedly reached a divorce deal. And Elin will walk away with three-quarters of a billion dollars. But it only includes partial dental coverage. I’ll have much more on this story on tomorrow night’s show, ok? But right now I’m back with my panel discussing celebrity co-parents. Sandra and Jesse, Michael and Diandra, Oxsana and Mel, it sounds like the Brady Bunch with alimony, doesn’t it? All right, now we were mentioning Mel Gibson. He’s -- he and his ex are currently having issues with custody of their -- of 8-month-old daughter. Do you think this case is about -- Marla, Isabel, do you think this case is about custody or about her getting more money?
They never -- they were never married. But she wants-- she might want some money, which you know, you can’t blame her.
Isabel: Yes, I think you have to be very big picture about things. And in a divorce or in custody everyone is going to lose. I think the thing is people think they’re going to win something and they’re really not, because in divorce, no one is winning. If everyone -- if you just know you’re going to lose something and get very big picture and focus on the children. And -- and -- you know, both parents are vital to those children. They love you both.
Joy: I know.
Isabel: And they need you both.
Joy: But you know, I was a single mother for a while and I found it easier in a certain way to raise a kid or without a guy telling me anything.
Isabel: Well, that’s right, there’s no one talking you --

Joy: All right, now Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston recently have had a rapprochement and apparently they’re going to be co-parenting. Now, she is 19 and he is 20. First of all, do you think Sarah Palin is going to let him do it? Not that she has a choice, it is his kid.
Isabel: It’s not Sarah Palin’s child.
Joy: Yes, yes.
Isabel: Right, so I mean, I hope that they’ll -- there are -- they’re babies themselves in some ways. But maybe the -- the instinct to be together and raise a child together is -- is I mean, I think it’s good. I think more, more, more, if Sarah Palin wants to get in there, good.
Joy: It takes a village.
Isabel: It does take a village.
Joy: Yes.
Isabel: It really does.

Joy: Ok now, when Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook got divorced, she got full custody of her -- of their kids. The lawyers involved said there was too much anger between the two of them to share custody.
Do you agree Isabel?
Isabel: Well, I think hatred and anger and all of these things have to go out the window. I think you have to --
Marla Maples: Absolutely.
Isabel: -- take the bull by the horns and forgive --
Joy: Easy to say.
Isabel: Yes but you know what, not really. You had children. And your mistakes and your anger --
Joy: I agree with that but it’s hard to do sometimes.
Isabel: You have to let it go or else it’s going to -- it’s like sticking thumb tacks in the kid. You can’t -- you just --forgive, move on and get to the more progressive road of raising children in -- already tough world, they don’t need all that -- you know.

Joy: Ok. Thanks very much, everybody.  

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