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Isabel with her two sons

Name: Isabel Boyer Gillies

Birthday: February 9, 1970

Birthplace: New York

Mother: Linda Lee Gillies

-retired Director of New York City of Education

Father: Archibald Lewis Gillies

-retired President of Andy Warhol Foundation

Siblings: David, Doug, Andrew

Education: New York University; BFA in Film

Marriage 1: DeSales Harrison December 10, 1999- divorced 2005

-English Literature Professor; author of The End of the Mind: The Edge of the Intelligible in Hardy, Stevens, Larkin, Plath, and Gluck 2004

Marriage 2: Peter T. Lattman October 13, 2007

-New York Times Journalist

Children: Hugh December 16, 2001; Thomas May 5, 2004 (with DeSales Harrison); 1 step daughter (Peter Lattman)