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-Kendall Candle "K.C."


Kendall "K.C." Candle has been staying with three good friends- Nina, Jessica, and Amy, the living room being her own bedroom. K.C. lives in the moment as she struggles with odd jobs while trying to find a proper dream job as a mural painter. K.C. tried to offer romance advice as she dates regularly with Jack but also goes out with other men, especially with Garrett who her friends tend to scare off with their mood swings. Her friends try to help K.C. by finding her jobs to paint for. Amy discovered that she was pregnant, getting mixed reactions with her decision to keep the baby after an one-night stand. After one tough night, K.C. was at the bar, going to the restroom where the stalls were covered with writings and got inspired to redecorate them so someone can enjoy the scenery while they go. The bartender agreed but with no pay; for the next few weeks, K.C. worked hard on the men and women's bathrooms- giving advice to who ever walks into the bathroom talking about their dates in question. K.C. struggled to pay her part of the rent, selling useless items around the house. After negative responses regarding her pregnancy, Amy leaves to clear her mind and didn't come home until the following morning after fainting near the subway. K.C., Jessica, and Nina worried and decided to support Amy anyway that they can as Amy have to be on bed-rest for high blood pressure. K.C.'s bathroom mural was finished for it's reveal but the bartender was upset over the customers' curiosity and fear that he wouldn't do business, ordering K.C. to repaint the original color back as she did the following morning, very disappointed. The bartender later apologized for his behavior but still stand at the repainting work. Jessica's ex-boyfriend, Doug, returned K.C.'s call with a thought to paint the school's bathrooms, trying to find a job. One morning while eating chocolate for breakfast for the first time- Amy announced that it was time- Nina and K.C. rushed her to the hospital; K.C. refuses to be in the delivery room so it wouldn't scare her off on having children one day and wondered if the hospital would hire her to paint their ceilings for the patients to look at while they were laying in bed. Amy had a baby girl with each of the friends holding her- telling the baby that she can come to each of them to talk before taking her and Amy home.