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             Isabelle works at a radio station providing voices for a radio show and an aspiring actress. She greeted Amelia who was looking for Muriel who had told Isabelle about her. They spoke while Peter talked to the radio listeners and while a song was playing, Isabelle started to dance, he told listeners memories of him first courting her. Later, after Amelia left, Isabelle did a little magic show, pulling a live rabbit out of a hat.

            Isabelle and a companion met Eddie to discuss his film about Nikola Tesla, explaining that Quinton liked the idea and filled them in. Isabelle explained that she’s tired of being just a voice over on a radio show- she had acted before mostly in musicals and theater. Isabelle asked Eddie about the film- the set and he asked her for her personal difference between video and film; she thinks that video is cheap and sort of insubstantial while Eddie believes that the internet is the future. Isabelle then asked if she has to take off her clothes as Eddie turned off the lights- she partially would.

            Isabelle and her companion arrived, early and excited- Eddie told them that Tesla will be here soon, inviting them to have coffee and doughnuts. Meanwhile, Peter dedicated a song to Isabelle, in honor of her acting film debut.

            Eddie set up the scene, saying that he is going to play loud music as a lot of people doing that now. They film a couple of scenes until the coil prop catches on fire. Bill, holding a gun, comes over to confront Eddie, sees the house with smoke. Isabelle and her companion managed to get out, telling Bill that Eddie is still inside; Bill told her that he has something for Eddie while hiding the gun from her.

            Isabelle and her friend, dressed in firemen gear, helped to get the people out of the burning house.



Amelia...Liane Balaban

Peter...Nic Ratner

Muriel...Shalom Harlow

Eddie...David Arquette


Bill...Clarence Williams II