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Season 8
Episode #173 "Bad Girl"
-Monica Johnson 

Officer Dana Flynn was found dead from being brutally stabbed with Jesse Rosado laying close after being shot, in critical condition. Detectives Lennie Briscoe and Rey Curtis questioned around for bus passengers who got off near the murder scene. One remember a young woman with blaring music by the works of D.J. Freaky- a fan of his that would ‘grease’ her way into his raves. Detectives Briscoe and Curtis pulled Monica (Johnson) Summers out of the club to ask questions surrounding Officer Flynn’s murder with Jesse a suspect- she told them he followed the dead cop down to the stairs toward the park while she was heading to the shoe store.

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis started to dig around Monica’s background* and whereabouts when her alibi didn’t check out, finding her at a boarded up building, threatening to kill a young woman with a knife. The police try to pull Monica away with Curtis getting injured by a cut on his hand, needing some stitches.

Lt. Van Buren offers Monica her one phone call and that she is in a lot of trouble, especially for assaulting her friend who Monica should’ve cut for hitting on her boyfriend. Monica denies killer Officer Flynn, it’s Jesse- but witnesses say different. Detective Briscoe then wants to spend 10 minutes alone with Monica who thinks he wouldn’t last with her. Lt. Van Buren sends him out for a walk, leaving her alone with Monica who doesn’t care how this goes down. Detective Briscoe returns with test results where Jesse’s blood was found on Monica’s walkman, putting her at the scene of the crime- leading to her arrest to which Monica refuse, trying to fight away. She was charged with resisting arrest, DR possession, and larceny.

Jesse Rosado testified that he tried stopping Monica for attacking Officer Flynn. Then Monica testified that she was on the M-5 bus and Jesse was standing next to her, noticing a shaving cut on his neck and bumped up against her where his blood got on her walkman. Monica got off the bus and he followed Officer Flynn while she went to the shoe store but it was closed. Monica then went through the park first and found a necklace with a gold Cross which she sold it to her Dad. She denies killing Officer Flynn; Jack McCoy asks her to show on the diagram map where she had found the necklace- Monica couldn’t tell from that. Monica also couldn’t answer about the knife in evidence but many testimonies have seen Monica with the knife to which she broke down to confess that it was her knife and she killed Officer Flynn- even after seeing her badge, she didn’t care.

The Judge wants to talk to the attorneys in her chambers where Monica’s lawyer, Mr. Peterson, wants a mistrial, claiming that she had a mental breakdown. But for the first time, Monica sees things clear and doesn’t want to lie again.

The Jury found Monica guilty on Murder 1 of Officer Dana Flynn.

Officer Flynn’s husband took the stand for Monica’s sentencing. She was then sentence to death.

Monica decided not to appeal her sentence so McCoy and Jamie Ross went to talk to her at Rikers with her attorney present. Monica knows what is going to happen for setting her date for her execution. She got a fair trial and can appeal her death sentence but she insisted that she’s no better than anyone on death row. She is at peace after all the sin in her life; she’s finally with Jesus, finding Him after six months in prison but has read about faith, her redemption. The way Monica feels now is between herself and God- she doesn’t want to die but it is out of her hands- her fate is in the Higher Power now.

Monica was interviewed for a news program, being asked about the Alliance of Christians being denied from the Court of Appeals; she wasn’t disappointed while it was tried without her permission. Monica will be spending her last days praying a lot, asking God for His forgiveness and guidance and pray that Officer Flynn’s husband can find it in his heart to forgive her. Her final thoughts are focusing on a bigger picture she will be going. The interview was recorded three days prior as she was executed at 12:01 AM in the death chamber on the air date.


*Background: Monica Johnson, aka Monica Summers aka Crystal Summers, who had a mother that was a doper who split which her father, Al, took it out on her. Monica and her two sisters went into City Welfare Agency when she was three and Monica would also get sucked in by ‘gorillas’- one broke her front teeth and she wears a plate. She has a rap sheet with nine arrests for assault, attempted robbery and disorderly conduct.



Detective Lennie Briscoe...Jerry Orbach

Detective Rey Curtis...Benjamin Bratt

Lt. Anita Van Buren...S. Epatha Merkerson

Jack McCoy...Sam Waterston

A.D.A. Jamie Ross...Carey Lowell

Jesse Rosado...Joe Quintero

Judge Elizabeth Mizener...Lynn Cohen

Mr. Peterson...Geoffrey Nauffts

Mr. Flynn...Neal Jones