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-Cynthia McLean



During the Christmas holidays in New York City, a group of young people wearing elegant gowns and tuxedos, discussing various topics, occasionally dancing. Cynthia was in conversation with Charlie, not convinced by him that everyone believes there is a God.

At another party, Rick Von Sloneker and Serena Slocum who were very popular in school, attended.

Cynthia and Nick were in a heated conversation about Rick; Cynthia defended him, thinking that Nick’s threaten by him. Nick insulted her, she may have gotten a venereal disease from Rick who had slept with many women- Cynthia slapped him. Nick continued, the love-making must be really rough- Cynthia slapped him again; Nick told her not to do that again, it’s not erotic.

After a night at the Ballroom, the party continued to Sally’s; Cynthia finds it hard to believe that Rick and Serena broke up.

Cynthia talks about Rick and Serena’s break up, still thinking that Nick is threaten by Rick for being more of a man than he is. Nick explains the “real” reason why he has it in for Rick; it has nothing to do with jealousy (however later it turns out that Nick made up the story to have Cynthia quiet).

After Christmas “orgy” week begins with the group wearing casual clothes, playing cards and reading

Playing strip poker while smoking and drinking; later Cynthia and Charlie leaves

Sally and Cynthia want to play a Truth game but Audrey isn’t so sure but eventually gave in. Cynthia was asked who she last slept with- since she has nothing to hide, it was with Nick. Everyone thought Nick was a hypocrite for calling Cynthia a slut before but he wasn’t bothered by it, she’s attractive.

Cynthia arrived at a dress-up party with Rick and Victor, referring Nick as a jerk. Rick confronted Nick about the story he told, exposing Nick’s lie

Audrey, Cynthia, Rick, and Fred hang out, sunbathing in the Hamptons.

Charlie Black...Taylor Nichols
Rick Von Sloneker...Will Kempe
Serena Slocum...Elizabeth Thompson
Nick Smith...Christopher Eigeman
Sally Fowler...Dylan Hundley
Audrey Rouget...Carolyn Fanna
Victor Lemley...Stephen Uys
Fred Neff...Bryan Leder

Fun Fact(s):
-Mrs. Rouget (Audrey's mother) was played by Linda Gillies, Isabel's mother. Linda was visiting her daughter during filming and was offered a small role in the movie. This was her only film role.