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            Kathryn was a teacher living in New Orleans, Louisiana with her house being renovated; she was getting back together with her ex husband Henry, a surgeon who was volunteering to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina and restarting his practice. Six years ago, Henry was in a relationship with a young student of Kathryn’s, Hyde, who reappeared in his life when she returned to New Orleans as a relief worker. Henry tried to concentrate on working his relationship and pending marriage to Kathryn, taking her to a music club where her father, Sinclair, was at. Henry slipped away to get a drink, leaving the club and walking around the streets. Henry came home later on at 3 AM in the morning while Kathryn was sleeping. She had to be at the airport in two hours and didn’t want Henry to be caught up in his problems again. He offered her a ride but she refused, Kathryn didn’t need his help.

            Kathryn came home unexpectantly to get a few things, only to find Henry and Hyde together in bed. She wanted to talk to Henry but was shocked to find Hyde who was hiding her face with her hands. Hyde wanted Kathryn to leave- she did so crying. The next day Hyde came over to the house to find Kathryn sleeping. Kathryn woke up to find Hyde standing there, wanting to talk but Kathryn wanted her to go.



Henry…Christopher Eccleston

Sinclair…Marco St. John

Hyde…Elisabeth Moss

Written by Jeannette