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-Betsy Cavanaugh 

Living in the country side near New York City, Betsy worked at a gas station & shop who was dating the local Sheriff. One day, she witnessed a confrontation of Snooky the mechanic and their boss but continued to work. However Snooky, along with his friend Bobby, and his brother Frank, who was just released from jail, planned and followed through to rob the gas station & shop, ending up killing Snooky's boss to which Betsy had witnessed. They dragged her away into their car- Eve (Bobby's girlfriend) tried to comfort her while the guys were in a panic of what to do next and wondering what to do with Betsy. Later at a hotel, Betsy lay awake, listening them try to continue to figure out their plans and spoke of how "he" (her boyfriend) was going to find them.

            The following day, the gang drove to a bridge to drop the gun that was used on Snooky and Betsy's boss into the river. Later, during a rest break, Eve was upset about men, crying to Betsy while the guys continued to wonder what to do next and what options that they have. At another rest stop, Frank apologized to Betsy and wants her to call her boyfriend to tell him that they are heading up North. Betsy, who had her hands tied,  wasn't afraid of Frank and if she was going to call her boyfriend, then she would talk to him whatever she wants; she was startled by the gun firing (Bobby and Eve were practicing target shooting). Bobby didn't like the idea of Betsy calling her Sheriff boyfriend, Frank realized that he was right and dragged Betsy off of the phone just when he answered.

            At another rest stop at the side of the lake, Betsy was tired for being tied up as a hostage, so Frank untied her while she was cursing; Frank lifted her up and tossed her into the lake. Betsy got out and refused any offerings of food. When they stopped at a bar to rob at night, Snooky was left in the running car to be a getaway driver and keep an eye on Betsy. She decided to try to sweet talk him before trying to escape but wasn't successful- Frank, Bobby, and Eve rushed out and pushed her back into the car while they can still escape.

            The next morning, Betsy woke up and got out of the car- Frank, who was already up, greeted her and apologized for kidnapping her. Betsy hadn't slept much- when everyone else woke up; they left on to continue their journey. Eventually Betsy warmed up, accepting breakfast and while waiting in the car with Eve, watched Snooky be clumsy outside a store. Betsy started to talk more, becoming friendly- talking a bit about her relationship and realizing that it may be over. For lunch, Frank allowed her to get them all lunch; while waiting, a Policeman stood behind her and she didn't turn them in, instead had them wait out the Police to drive away. Betsy even was trusted enough to drive and accepted cocaine- trying to attempt her first robbery while high; during the time Betsy was getting close to Eve, she was attracted to Frank as he was to her.

            At night time, the gang partied at a bar, dancing and drinking- soon Eve and Betsy left to smoke a joint of marijuana while resulted in a momentary intimate moment. Betsy thought it was too much for her and called it a night. In the hallway, she ran into Frank, who told her that if she wants to leave, he will get her a bus ticket back home. However, soon Betsy got into Frank's room and held a gun to his head, to which he woke up finding himself face to face with it; she lured him up so that they could have sex. The next morning, Frank and the gang were attempting to leave behind Betsy but she decided not to go home, rushing to join them.

            At a rest stop, Betsy and Eve were talking- she knew that something was up with Eve and wanted her to spill out the secret while the guys were getting a few things to eat while traveling. Eve relented and told Betsy that she and Bobby were expecting a baby to which Betsy was thrilled. However, as Frank and Bobby were leaving the store, the store owner found out by his wife that they were outlaws and gave him a gun to shoot them. Eve and Frank were both hit, Eve died instantly while Betsy rushed to her amid the gun fire. Bobby killed the store owner and drove off with Snooky and Frank in the car, leaving Eve and Betsy behind. The police came and took Betsy away. Later, Bobby and Snooky stopped at another store but Bobby drove off after being found by the police. While rushing away, Frank died and Bobby panic- Snooky was trying to run after them by foot but was stopped by the police. Bobby thought he could see Eve reaching out to him and went for her while the police ambushed him with Betsy looking on in behind the Police car. After the shooting stopped, Betsy went out and found Frank dead in the car and walked away, brushing past her Sheriff boyfriend.

            Betsy was at home, smoking a cigarette before going outside to the beach where Snooky was throwing pepples into the ocean when they decided to go out for a ride.