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January 2008


Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on?
A) I've been working quite a bit on "Law & Order: SVU" and then I did a movie in New Orleans called New Orleans, Mon Amour. Also, I have two children and one step child.

Q) What is new this season for your character Kathy Stabler on "Law & Order: SVU?"
A) Kathy and Elliot are back together and we're pregnant. There is a lot about my character and how the family is involved in whatever is happening in the crime script and how it reflects back on Elliot's life. He often takes things from work and takes them into home life, or vice versa. We're back together and pregnant with our fifth child. Then, there are storylines that reflect what the story is about that week. It's nice we didn't get divorced.

Q) What made you want to be a part of the show?
A) I was so happy that they would have me! Who doesn't want to be on "Law & Order?" It's a great New York show and I'm a New York actress. I've been on the original "Law & Order." When this part came up, I was lucky to get it.

Q) Where do you draw on for your portrayal?
A) I'm a mother so a lot of it is dealing with a husband who is incredibly busy and whose focus is outside the home a lot. I just sort of draw on it from imagining what it would be like to have four or five children instead of two and just what married couples go through with careers and the toilet breaking. I'm a good housewife so I draw on all that kind of stuff that I do at home, anyway.

Q) What about your role do you find challenging?
A) I don't know because I find it so exciting and interesting to go in and work with a really great cast that is there. What I, actually, think is challenging is going in and not being there every day. With going in every once and a while, then going zero to sixty. The others are there fifteen hours a day every single day. Then, I come in every once in a while and I have to kind of get up to speed with them, which is kind of difficult. The character is fun to think about how people lived and what it would be like if I lived that way.

Q) What is it like working with such an amazing cast?
A) They are wonderful professional actors and it is like playing tennis with someone who is just really great. It makes you play better and I'm just honored to be on the show. It's a great institution of television to be a part of.

Q) What has been your most memorable moment from filming the show?
A) I remember, once (way early - the first season), I was having a terrible time getting my lines down for this one scene. Chris [Meloni] was eating chicken and it was two in the morning. I just kept messing up this one line and every single time he had to eat another chicken leg. I felt so bad about that! That's not a very proud moment, but for some reason it flew into my head. I find myself in fun situations with this character. Cynthia Nixon one time kidnapped me. There is crazy stuff that won't necessarily happen to you every day.

Q) Why do you think people continue to tune into the show?
A) I think because it is really taken from real life and it reads that way. The writing is just really good and people love a drama. They just love a quick hour drama. It's exciting, interesting and real. There is no BS and people love it. I love it! You get sucked in quite quickly. Before that first commercial break, you're in there!

Q) What do you do in your spare time?
A) I've got these two boys and a step daughter. I bring them to school and pick them up from school. I make their lunches. I love cooking and I could cook all day. I think about what I'm going to cook for my husband. I take the kids to soccer.

Q) Is there a website where fans can learn more about you?
A) No, I don't.*

Q) What is your latest obsession? A movie? A sport? A film? An activity?
A) I'm way into every cookbook that Jamie Oliver has written. I just want to cook everything and go from one book to another because he's so precise and the recipes turn out exactly how he says they're going to. I get Gourmet and I buy cookbooks for fun. My husband is Jewish so now I'm getting into Jewish cuisine and the culture. I think part of creating a home is where it kind of focuses for me. That's what I do a lot. I'm not sure that I'm so obsessive a person. I've also been focused on getting married and my children all set up in school.

*The article was published before this site existed