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Portrays a recurring role as Kathy Stabler, wife of Detective Elliot Stabler from Manhattan's Special Victims Unit. Mother of five children, Maureen, Kathleen, Dickie, Elizabeth, and Eli; lives in Queens, New York.



Detective Elliot Stabler (1-12)…Christopher Meloni

Maureen Stabler (1-8)…Erin Broderick

Kathleen Stabler (1)…Holiday Segal

Kathleen Stabler (3-12)…Allison Siko

Richard "Dickie" Stabler (1-11)…Jeffrey Scaperrotta

Elizabeth Stabler (1-8)…Patricia Cook

Elliot "Eli" Stabler (9-12)…-

Detective Olivia Benson…Mariska Hargitay

Detective John Munch…Richard Belzer

Detective Odafin Tutuola (2- present)…Ice-T

Detective Chester Lake (9)…Adam Beach

Captain Don Cragen…Dann Florek

A.D.A Alexandra Cabot (2-5, 11)  Stephanie March

A.D.A. Casey Novak (5-9)…Diane Neal

A.D.A Kim Greyleck (10)…Michaela McManus

Dr. Melinda Warner, M.E. (2- present)…Tamara Tunie

Dr. George Haung, Ph.d (2- present)…B. D. Wong


Season 1 1999-2000

Payback #1

Elliot and Kathy were at a Parent-Teacher conference for their youngest daughter


A Single Life #2

Elliot was cleaning out the garbage disposal with Kathy straightening the house while Maureen talked on the phone, Kathleen was doing homework, Elizabeth was practicing piano, and Dickie was looking for his turtle

            Elliot and Kathy were getting ready for bed with Elliot discussing the case of a murdered woman while Kathy updated him about their children


...Or Just Look Like One #3

            Elliot notice Maureen’s eating habits and Kathy tells him about her anorexic-training that’s been going on for weeks.

            Kathy sat with Maureen, waiting for her to eat when Elliot came home and told her that she looks healthy. He invited Kathy out for an Italian dinner and told Maureen that she’s not invited.


Hysteria #4

            The family having dinner- Maureen wants to have her navel pierced but Kathy says no. Kathleen was sad because her older friend quit school because she was pregnant. Later, Elliot couldn’t sleep before being called in for work.


Wanderlust #5

            The family was getting ready to go out for dinner before Elliot was called in. After kissing Elizabeth, Dickie, and Kathleen, Maureen refused to be kissed, leaving Elliot wonders what happened- she grew up while he was at work.

            Elliot and Kathy share a romantic moment while watching television until Elliot figured out that Maureen has a boyfriend. Kathy filled him in all about Jim Dimonico; Elliot wondered if Maureen has had sex yet.

            Maureen was ready for her homecoming dance with Jim waiting while Kathy took pictures and Elliot watched.  


Sophomore Jinx #6

            Elliot was helping Kathy, Kathleen, Elizabeth, and Dickie with dinner when Maureen came downstairs, not knowing that her father was home (she was grounded for sneaking in late without any explanation). Kathy thinks Elliot is handling this wrong and asks him what if her parents treated her that way- Elliot pointed out that they wouldn’t have had Maureen


Uncivilized #7

            Elliot met up with Kathy and the children at the park for a lunch picnic; he didn’t see Dickie and raced to find him who was playing with other children


Chat Room #18

            Elliot filled Kathy in about pedophiles online


Nocturne #21

            Kathy found Elliot downstairs and asked how it is going with work; Elliot didn’t say much. She asked him if he discusses Olivia Benson about it and he said that she’s his partner.


Season 2 2000-2001

Wrong is Right #23

            Maureen and Kathy were getting dinner ready when Cragen called Elliot to inform him that his job is safe.

(deleted scene) Kathy finds Elliot in the shower and undress to join him while discussing Maureen and Elliot’s job in danger by the Morris Commission for being stressed (Maureen was with Elliot when they encountered a fire to find a dead man under and she realized what Elliot deals with in his job)


Count Down #37

            Elliot worked for three days straight trying to find a kidnapped girl during the twins’ birthday so Kathy took Dickie and Elizabeth to see Elliot at the squad. Elliot sent the twins off to get pudding from John Munch, to spend some quick alone time with Kathy. The twins returned with a bag with pudding that was bad and presented Elliot with a toothbrush and a new shirt before being called in with a new lead.


Season 3 2001-2002

Popular #59

            Elliot and Kathy were leaving the school after a Parent-Teacher conference about Kathleen’s grades. At home, Elliot grounded Kathleen and told Kathy that it’s clear to him that she’s the parent and he’s the paycheck. Kathy started to tell him about a girl that her friend Carol, who’s a nurse, treated for rape. Elliot pumped as much information as he could from Kathy and started to investigate

            Kathy visited Elliot at the squad to confront him using her to investigate a case that the young girl didn’t report and hoped he knows about the consequences. As Kathy leaves, Olivia told them that the girl was back in the hospital after being pushed down the stairs.


Season 4 2002-2003

Risk #78

            Kathy visits Elliot at the squad to talk to him into coming home to get some rest but Elliot said that he can’t. Kathy brought over some dinner for him to eat. A new lead came in to which Elliot needed to go- he told her to hug the kids, he loves her and thanking her for dinner.


Season 5 2003-2004

Home #107

            Elliot and Dickie played a board game with Kathy looking on until Dickie accuses Elliot of cheating and they playfully rough-house. Elliot’s cell phone rang from Jacob Nesbit with no response; Kathy told him to go check up on him.


Season 6 2004-2005

Blood #137

            Kathleen was arrested for Driving Under Influence after partying at a friend’s house; Elliot bailed Kathleen out of jail and Kathy picked her up. She told Elliot that she allowed Kathleen to attend to this party of a friend's and Elliot said they will deal with it the next day and he will take care of Kathleen


Season 8 2006-2007

Clock #163

            Kathy visited Elliot at the squad about Kathleen and the situation about her boyfriend. Then, after hesitating, Kathy asked Elliot why he hadn’t signed the divorce papers as it had been for months; the kids have been asking her if they were getting back together and she ran out of excuses. Elliot doesn’t know why and as Kathy was leaving, she told him to call his daughter.


Cage #169

            Kathy and Kathleen visit Elliot at the hospital after he was stabbed by a pen, saying that Don Cragen called her. Kathy and Kathleen were introduced to Dani Beck who left to investigate their case.


Detective Dani Beck...Connie Nielsen


Scheherazade #171

            The family attended Dickie and Elizabeth’s confirmation ceremony


Bishop...John LaGiola

Father Denis...Karl Kenzler


Burned #172

            Kathy and Olivia met at the park- Kathy asked about Dani and how Elliot was doing; she wanted Olivia to talk to Elliot about signing the divorce papers.

            Elliot went to Kathy’s house, leaving the papers in the mailbox and rang the doorbell. As Elliot was leaving, he watched Kathy come out to find the papers and she saw him, watching him drive away.


Dependent #175

            After being cleared for alleging killing a suspect, Elliot went over to Kathy’s, telling her that he loves his job and his family- nearly lost them both. Elliot wants to come home.


Annihilated #181

            Elliot went to Kathy’s bedroom after checking in on his children to thank her for letting him come by. Kathy asked him to stay; Elliot shut the door and got undressed, joining Kathy in bed.


Screwed #183

            Kathy visited Elliot at the squad, telling him that she needed to talk to him and Elliot knew from the look of her face that something is wrong. In the crib, Kathy told Elliot that she wants him to come home- she’s pregnant.


Season 9 2007-2008

Alternate #184

            Kathy asked Kathleen to leave Elliot alone so he can sleep; Kathleen doesn’t want to pick up trash on the road wearing an orange vest- she wants her community service indoors where no one would see her. Elliot noticed that Kathy was preparing to do laundry, telling her that she shouldn’t be lifting heavy things and to leave it so he can do it, but Kathy continues to do laundry.

            Kathy called Elliot to tell him that Janis Donovan is at their house with a knife. Elliot told her to get out of there and rushed there with Olivia- he found that Kathy was still inside and that Janis, being Dori, wants to talk to both of them.

            Janis, posing as Dori, told Kathy of how she and Elliot fell in love. Elliot came in and Kathy explained that Dori was in their house, upset to see Kathy when she came home. Elliot told Kathy that she doesn’t need to be there and got her out of the house.


Janis 'Dori' Donovan...Cynthia Nixon


Blinded #190

            Elliot woke up in the hospital with Kathy at his side, who alerted Olivia and a nurse that he was awake. Elliot realized that something was wrong: he couldn’t see anything, calling for Kathy.

            While Olivia and Don spoke to his nurse about his condition, Kathy sat with Elliot , holding his hand while he slept.


Dr. Jane Larom...Anne James


Paternity #192

            Kathy watched Elliot bathe Tommy Keegan whose parents were unknown whereabouts- talking about their unborn baby.

            Kathy informed Elliot about her OB/GYN appointment, her car was in the shop- Elliot was thinking about the case but said he’ll take her. He asked if Kathy saw anyone while separated; Kathy asked if he did, Elliot said yes but his phone rang. He hung up without answering, asking Kathy again- she had went out on a couple of dates with someone Elliot doesn’t know. Elliot asked if she had slept with him but Kathy wants to know why, if Elliot was wondering if he’s the father of the baby. Elliot’s phone rang again and he answered.

            Kathy was sleeping while Elliot laid awake, looking at her belly, and thinking.

            Olivia called Elliot about Jake Keegan’s arrest and that she has Kathy, picked her up right on time. Elliot told Kathy to call him after the appointment for an update before hanging up. A car ran into Olivia’s, knocking them unconscious.

            Olivia woke up and called for help, realizing that Kathy was pinned. Firemen and paramedics arrived, Olivia was refusing help and wanted them to focus on Kathy. She got into the backseat to help the paramedic to stabilize Kathy who woke up with her water broke and contractions. Kathy lost conscious again, needing fluids- Olivia inserted an IV to which Kathy woke up again. The Fireman gave Olivia and Kathy coats to protect them from the debris from them taking off the car’s roof. Don arrived at the scene with Elliot on the phone to talk to Kathy- letting her know that he’s on his way and that he loves her. The Firemen used the jaws of life to get the dashboard off of Kathy’s legs while the contractions got stronger. Kathy was then loaded to the ambulance, saying that the baby was coming now and she couldn’t wait any longer. With Olivia coaching and the paramedic delivering, Kathy gave birth to a baby boy. Kathy held her son while lying back down before losing conscious, her BP crashing. Olivia took the baby while the paramedic worked on Kathy, whose machine flat lines.

            Elliot quickly went into Kathy’s room, relieved to see Kathy and the baby all right. Kathy put the baby in his arms who welcomed the little man into the world, introducing himself as his Daddy. Kathy told Elliot that he is the father- which he knows.


Tommy Keegan...Thomas Langston

Paramedic Jackson...Lawrence Saint-Victor

Paramedic...Aisha De Haas

FDNY Captain...Tony Cucci

Firefighter #1...Hisham Tawfig


Season 10 2008-2009

Swing #205

            Kathy enters Kathleen’s room with hot cocoa; Elliot leaves to find out who’s been giving Kathleen pills at Hudson University (Kathleen was caught breaking and entering the Fursts’ home while taking a shower)

            Kathy, with Eli, went to the squad to inform Elliot that Kathleen’s gone after she snuck out while Kathy was making her a sandwich.

            At the hospital, Kathy and Elliot were in Kathleen’s room from an overdose, talking to Dr. Parnell who revealed that she’s sick with Bipolar Disorder. Elliot had enough and left against Kathy’s objection.

            Elliot and Kathy meet with Kathleen’s attorney, Carolyn Maddox, about the game plan for Kathleen’s court appearance. Kathy doesn’t like the idea lying to the Judge to go on the offense to put the victims, Andy and Ronda Furst, on trial. Another way out is to reveal family history with Bipolar Disorder

            Elliot and Kathy attend Kathleen’s arraignment where Kathleen was charged with Larceny from stealing a diamond necklace given to the Defense by Elliot. Neither Carolyn, Kathy, or Kathleen knew about it as he believes that putting Kathleen in jail would help her be on medication. Kathleen attempted to go after her father but was held back, going back to her cell. Kathy slapped Elliot, calling him a bastard.

            Olivia and Kathy were sitting behind Carolyn and Kathleen for her sentencing while Elliot was in the back of the room, watching the proceedings. He was surprised at the new deal that was reached between Kathleen and the Fursts, with her agreeing to get treatment and take medication. Kathy hugged Kathleen afterwards and they headed out towards Elliot.


Mikki Braithwaite/Detective Nikki Breslin...Fiona Dourif

Dr. Parnall...Deep Katdare

Carolyn Maddox...CCH Pounder

Judge Alan Ridenour...Harvey Atkin

Bernadette Stabler*...Ellen Burstyn


Wildlife #208

            Kathy was holding Eli while trying to call Elliot, asking his voicemail to call her. She saw headlights coming in the driveway and looked out the window, telling Eli that Daddy’s finally home. She opened the door to greet him, but Olivia was there instead. Kathy got worried and asked what happened. Olivia explained to Kathy that Elliot is undercover and knows that she’s worried. Kathy was angry that Olivia lied to her over the phone earlier; Olivia apologized, saying that the case was going down quickly- but not quick enough to call his family. Kathy then packed up to leave while Olivia tried to stop her, asking her sleep on it before making such a huge decision but Kathy couldn’t take it anymore. Olivia asked her where she and Eli were going but Kathy didn’t know but it wouldn’t matter since Elliot won’t call. Olivia promised to tell Elliot to call Kathy when he could. Kathy gave in.

            Kathy woke up from hearing Eli crying past midnight. She turned on the light and went to get him but Elliot reached over to stop her, telling Kathy that he will get him despite after being shot twice in the arm and chest. Elliot picked up Eli to console him with Kathy watching and turning off the light.


Season 11 2009-2010

Turmoil #232

             Elliot comes into the kitchen with Kathy, Eli, and Dickie who was waiting for Shame Newsome to come to pick him up for school, who Elliot doesn’t like. He was looking for a folder of Nikki Sherman’s rape case for court which Dickie found. Dickie has heard about her, seeing photos of Nikki partying on Shane’s cell phone, a photo that was passed around the internet.

            (Dickie goes missing) Elliot comes home to a worried Kathy who was talking to Detective Anita Gomez to file a missing person report on Dickie who left school after lunch after a fight with a classmate. Elliot and Kathy gave permission to allow the Detective to call up the cell phone provider for access of towers to narrow the blocks down for his whereabouts. Elliot thinks Kathy is overreacting, thinking that he’s out playing hooky with Shane. He got a call from the bank about Dickie’s credit card being used and told Kathy to call their cell phone company to track Dickie’s calls to pick him up while he left to talk to Shane’s mother.

            Elliot shoved Dickie against the wall when their conversation got heated at the squad room. Kathy comes in, calming Elliot down and to take Dickie home.


Shane Newsome...Joshua Page

Detective Anita Gomez...Sheila Tapia


Season 12 2010-2011

Gray #257

            Kathy poured two glasses of wine for her and Elliot, who was remembering the first night they met at a party wondering if they hadn’t gotten drunk what would’ve happened or not. Kathy remembered that she wanted to kiss Elliot but was scared while Elliot drank three beers to work up the nerve to say hello before they got really drunk. Elliot and Kathy were kissing until Kathleen came home, unexpectantly, to drop off a file for Elliot’s rape case against Chuck Mills


Pop #259

            Kathy checked in on Eli and Elliot; Elliot was staring at Eli, who was in bed about to go to sleep. Kathy smiled and left them alone.


Delinquent #271

            Elliot and Kathy were sleeping when the phone rang; Elliot did not want to answer it but Kathy answered instead- it was Olivia. Olivia filled Kathy in about the trumped-up molestation charge on Elliot that has been dropped and he doesn't have to go to court. Kathy passed on the message and snuggled up to Elliot.


In May of 2011, Christopher Meloni announced that he was leaving Law & Order: Special Victims Unit after 12 seasons. He will not be returning for season 13.

*Isabel did not appear in any episodes in season 7