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Isabel Gillies was a guest on NBC's Today Show on March 25, 2009, interviewed by Jenna Wolf to promote her book, "Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True Story".

Jenna Wolf: Isabel Gillies was a budding actress in New York City with a recurring role on "Law and Order: SVU" when she and her husband made a decision to move their family to Ohio to pursued his career as a Professor. All appeared perfect on the outside until her husband left her for another woman- we have to keep bringing this up- Isabel writes about the painful experience in her new memoir called "Happens Every Day". Isabel, good morning, thanks for being with us.
Isabel Gillies: Thank you
JW: We've only mentioned it 16 times, I hope it's not starting to affect you.
IG: No.
JW: You never really intended to write a book. When you started this whole project, this was just notes on your memo part of your Blackberry, right?
IG: Yeah, I have two children and this story in your life, your story just sit in you and one day my current husband gave me a Blackberry and I was in one of the classes that you know you are constantly going to with your children and sitting there. Although they are very amusing and you like watching them do Gymnastics, I suddenly found myself typing away on my Blackberry and the story was coming out. So eventually I thought I better do this properly and went to the library and starting writing.
JW: Why would you want to turn this into a book, or turn this into a story that other people are going to read?
IG: Well I think, first of all, people told me kind of "You should write this down", because the story is it happens every day, it sorta is a normal story. I mean lots of people have hard things happen to them, divorces, you lose part of your life, you lose your house, you lose whatever it is. But how I was fighting my way through it and navigating the difficulty was people were like "you should write this down so other people can hopefully learn something."
JW: Well the book is pretty emotional and parts of it really are, on page 168, if you are following at home, describe how you felt knowing that your husband you named Josiah in the book was no longer in the marriage. You wrote, "my heart felt like it weighed 30 pounds. I held my tears back every second of every day if they did come out it was when I was talking to friends on the phone. The only place I felt comfortable allowing them out was the shower. I would crouch on my hands and knees, water falling and tears pouring out, wailing and heaving." This is very emotional, very vivid. Was it hard to get some of it out on paper?
IG: Well, I'm an actress and I think any of the arts- if you're an actor, writing, or painter- what your job is what to get what's going on inside out. That process of-
JW: There's something theraputic about that too is there not?
IG: There is, there is something theraputic about it and so it felt kinda like I was acting while I was writing. I would be just typing away and the tears would be streaming down and just went through it.
JW: Sure...waterproof keyboards...yeah of course
IG: yeah, waterproof keyboard, the people at the library [looking over]
JW: Right
IG: But that part about you know how to get the sad part out in the shower and the private moments is important. I had to get through the day, I couldn't be in a mess and a wreck. You kinda want to be at the bottom of the bed but you can't, you gotta make the oatmeal and make the beds and it's important in getting through something like that.
JW: I was talking about you when reading in the book, it didn't sound like it was bitter at all, because it wasn't bitter and you said that's cause it wasn't bitter, it was painful, we wanted to make sure it was okay for the kids and you dedicate this book to your two boys. How important is that and did you want them to know the story, to be able to read the story when they get older?
IG: Yes- what I think what's important is to be able to tell whatever happens to your life to your children in a honest, open way and I tried to be and I feel very positive about my life, I felt it then and I feel it now. So I wanted to write a truthful yet positive account of what happened in their lives so they can put together their own history.
JW: They are young right?
IG: Yeah, they are little, four and seven.
JW: And has your husband read the book?
IG: Oh, yeah, yeah
JW: You guys are friends now? Not your current husband, your ex husband...
IG: I remarried, everyone has read the book
JW: Okay
IG: Yeah, my ex-husband and I are friends and we have this common goal which is the happiness of our children. So however we choose to get to the goal is sorta our own business and then have to have good faith in that the other one's doing it in for that goal too. So you know it's one big weird shaped happy family.
JW: Excellent. 'Happens Every Day' by Isabel Gillies. Thank you so much for being with us this morning.
IG: Thank you.

Transcribed by Jeannette