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-Moira Ingalls

Moira Ingalls came out of Lawerence "Moe" Curly's room where his roommate, John Roth, was in the living room, telling him that she needs to go home- leaving their place while stumbling around, still drunk. Moira took a taxi home, changed, taking a handful of Valium with alcohol while logging on to her computer to Final Exit, a suicide web-cam chat room where she found Ed, a depressed college homosexual student who is having trouble finding love. Moira told Ed about her night- feeling sorry for herself by doing to a dump dive bar in Chinatown where she encountered a sweet guy who came over to chat. Ed had to leave quickly when he heard his roommate coming over as he isn't allowed to be on his computer- he had noticed Moira's overuse of pills and was concerned but she's assured him that it was her usual amount.

            The next day, Moe and John waited for her at her job, a cafe with a bookstore and gallery display where during the day serves coffee while at night serves as a bar. Moe startled Moira who didn't recall much of him but when she remembered, she didn't think he would show up, however Moe thought she was amazing and had a great time. John complimented on her artwork, realizing that she loves the book Silent City, which he loves as well, having a personal website inspired. Moe tries to help John by finding an outside job and love life, to move on from his broken engagement.

            Moira and Moe were spending time together when he decided to show her what he and John does for a living, hosting a porno-fantasy website called Intercon-X and showed themselves on the computer live. Moira didn't want her face shown so Moe moved it down to just showing off their bodies and telling each other that they love one another.

            John and Moe were at Moira's job, waiting for John's date, Jordon. John was nervous and the date wasn't going well but to try to make it work, Jordon suggested going to a nightclub where she and Moe danced while John ran out of money- Moira took pity and bought him a drink. John had to go to the bathroom and found his date and Moe having sex. John told about his lousy date on his web-cam blog- he had thought that Moira was great for Moe as she felt that she was in love with him; however Moira saw it and showed it to Moe which lead to a fight. He left her place and she had called him several times while crying, telling him that she will no longer calls. Moira went to Final Exit to talk to Ed who sees her taking a lot more pills then usual while drinking alcohol while trying to update her- he had found a potential love interest online to which she had previously suggested to him. However Moira passed out after mumbling her problems, Ed's roommate woke up and found him on his computer and went to wrestle him off. Ed managed to tell Al, his potential love interest, about Moira's overdose and to call for help. Al found her and tried to get more information about her so he can call for help to her home and realized he knows Jordon who had sex with Moe- who found John to get help for Moira just when Moe came in and fought with John for telling everyone about the date with Jordon. John tried to tell Moe about Moira, calling 911.

            Moira woke up in the hospital, restrained to the bed and called out for someone. John was waiting outside of her room when he heard her, coming in- she asked him what she had missed. He told her that Moe was down at the snack bar and offered to get him, but Moira wants him to stay to talk to her. She assured him that it wasn't his fault. Moe came up and quietly came into the room and saw John and Moira talking intimately- leaving them alone.

            John gave his probable goodbye to his web-cam blog as he was waiting for Moira to get off her shift as they are now together.



Lawerence "Moe" Curly...Harold Perrineau

John Roth...Josh Hamilton

Ed Simone...Eric Millegan

Jordon Nash...Vanessa Ferlito

Al Fleming...John Fleck