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Isabel is currently writing two books
Once a Month Friday- Isabel guest on Majority Report with Sam Seder with movie recommendations
September 2, 2014- Isabel's first young adult novel, Starry Night, will be released
March 25
Photo Gallery- Isabel's Portraits by Shannon Sturgis with special appearance by her dog, Maude
Author- 2013's Saveur
Links- Isabel's tumblr page

February 26
Photo Gallery- Events updated with 2012- Manhattan Magazine and 2014's Director's Winter Ball
January 6
A New Guestbook has been added on the main page- sign away!

January 1
Happy New Year!
Television & Photo Gallery: 2013's The Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth
-also added to the photo gallery: 1 picture from 2013's Mariska Hargitay's Hollywood Walk of Fame